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Original Content:

All articles posted elsewhere online or should be unique and never printed.

Word count:

Attempt To keep posts between 800 and 700 words.

Good, and Powerful:

Should you want illustrations simply make reference to previously released articles on Our Town Health.

Quick and Powerful First Section:

The initial paragraph describe exactly what the article write is approximately, participating, and must be brief. An excellent first section could be the only real chance you’ve to seize the reader’s interest and is just a vital.

Eliminate that aren’t required:

Just Before distribution, write your post and be sure you aren’t using multiple terms, when you can suffice.

Posts on Our Town Health present the writer’s viewpoint, thus, claims like “in my opinion” are unnecessary and don’t help the supply of the information.

Use plain Language:

Some Our Town Health visitors are new-to the ideas mentioned within our content. When identifying word usage, attempt to believe the audience doesn’t have experience with overall health issues.