Men’s Health; Social Impacts Over Mind

In the modern era, things have changed in the world exponentially whereas the mindset of people and traditions has been manipulated extremely in every instance throughout the world due to Globalization. A change in lifestyle also led to people adopting the modern culture and approach of modern lifestyle.

The capitalistic state of mindset have been developed into the roots of our culture not only effecting the mindset, aims of life and social attractions, but also the economic, psychological and healthy life of a man. Every man is in a competition to survive in this fast stridden society whereas there is no time to have rest as the economic tussle is getting more and more challenged by the society.

This leads to a mental stress of a man especially; as he is all the day working over a regular schedule with no self-satisfaction. There is a reason of excess demand in our society yet it is necessary to increase the capital gains to develop and survive. A tension, anxiety and negative impact over a man’s life is destroying his healthy life. Most of the office workers are all day working in a single room and no such exercise of moving here and there is found among them, whereas when they reach home they only have a time to have a nap. It’s a small example of what is happening in the society.


Studies tell us that a healthy lifestyle is only when you have a relaxed mind and you are comfortable in your life with your routine. If a man is not provided such relaxations in which he is able to give time to himself also, this leads to negative impact over a man’s health issues. A social, economic and political pressure most often drives the man into a state of depression and hopelessness.

A consistent routine of work, fulfilling the needs of the family, education of child, future savings, and an aim to fulfill his dream whereas on the other side, Scarcity, opportunity costs, decision makings and pressures from the society and not being able to find a good job causes him to have a bad health. Such a person is not even caring about his diet, his BMI (body mass index), Basal metabolic rate etc. and leads to diseases like obese, mental illness, heart issues etc.

Think about what you have to do in your life and make decisions wisely in the beginning and begin your life; always stay sharp and steady, and be able to survive the burdens of society. Give yourself a time and have good sleep habits. Wise decisions and activeness will allow you to have a healthy lifestyl

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