5 Jobs for Health and Fitness Fans

Health and Fitness Careers

In an attempt to combat growing obesity rates, many Us citizens have gone over a fitness and nutrition careers salaries. Eating right and exercising are top priorities for these individuals, and as a result, the health and fitness market is booming. If you want to share your passion for healthy living with others, consider one of these five jobs in the field.

Athletic trainer

Since an athletic trainer, likely to work with high institution, college or university or professional sporting activities teams to help prevent, diagnose and treat exercise-related injuries. You may be in charge of producing warm-ups and fitness sessions for the athletes as well. Most states require athletic trainers to have a bachelor’s degree and a license or documentation.

Fitness instructor/personal trainer

Coaching a category at your local gym or dance/yoga studio is a great way to get involved in the fitness industry. If you have prior experience studying the discipline you want to teach, you will likely just need to commit some time to a teacher training or documentation program before you can start applying to jobs. Similarly, you may become a personal trainer and work one-on-one with clients to help these groups reach their fitness goals. [Related story: How to Become an individual Trainer]


A big part of healthy living is eating the right foods. Like a nutritionist or dietitian, you’ll recommend your clients on what to eat to meet their weight-loss or jobs in the fitness and nutrition industry is much more and have big goal by following a nutritionally sound diet. People in this field usually operate hospitals, schools and assisted living facilities, or are a sole proprietor. In addition to obtaining a degree, most health and fitness careers list professionals participate in supervised training and state licensing programs prior to starting their practice.

Physical therapist

When an exercise-related injury occurs, many people will visit a physical specialist (PT) to help them recover quickly and efficiently. PTs desire a strong knowledge of how the body heals to allow them to recommend their patients on the best rehabilitative exercises to do. This occupation, which the Bureau of Work force,, labor force Statistics (BLS) expects to grow by practically 45 percent by 2020, takes a doctoral degree and express license.

Sports coach

Various sports lovers dream of working with their favorite groups. While you may never get to lead the pros to victory, there are plenty of opportunities in local school zones, colleges and universities to coach a sports team. Some schools require coaches to have a bachelor’s degree, but at the very least, you’ll need enough experience to teach your sports athletes the correct skills and techniques to play the game well and fitness trends and careers that pay well.